Weekly Re-cap

As I sit at my Apple G5, drinking a well deserved Newcastle while I wait for one of the triplets to wake with teething pain, I will do a quick weekly recap...

Dino Ebel, former manager of the Salt Lake AAA club, will be the new third base coach with Ron Roenicke becoming the bench coach. If Ebel is less likely to wave Vlad around third where the play could be close - I support the move. Roenicke was very agressive, and with guys like Erstad, Cabrera and other replaceable folks, that is fine - but with Vlad? Ron scared me as a 3rd base coach, and I'll leave it at that.


The Ebel article also mentions that the Halos released 28 year-old infielder Zach Sorensen. Not a big loss - in fact, I tend to think that the roster space is more valuable than Sorensen.


Dan Szymborski over at BTF has his 2006 ZIPS projections up for the Halos. Definitely worth a moment to check out his numbers.

A few of observations:

Steve Finley stinks

Darin Erstad is done

M. Izturis would probably out-hit Orlando Cabrera in 2006 (for $8 million less) if given the chance

HERE is an article on the Arizona Fall League All-Star Team. Brandon Wood, Howie Kendrick and the other usual suspects are mentioned.

Gotta run and try to put a baby to sleep...


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