Konerko talk - and a scary Plan "B"!

Ok - the final exams aren't over and the grading isn't anywhere near finished, but I just can't contain myself any longer. As all of my cohorts in the blogging world are pointing out - Bill Stoneman seems determined to do something stupid this offseason. Now mind you, this isn't merely Stoneman v. 2004, Orlando Cabrera stupid - this is Cam Bonifay, Chuck LaMar, Bill Plashke stupid.

If the Halos somehow are unable to ink Paul Konerko to a 5-year deal worth roughly $60 million they have a plan "B" in place. Now, it is likely that we are all happy that there is a plan "B", but upon further review plan "B" is scary beyond belief. Remember, plan "B" is contingent on NOT signing Konerko, and consists of trading Casey Kotchman for Mike Sweeney.

Yes, trading the 22 year old first baseman of the future - whose dad has coached in the organization for many years - for a 32-year old DH that has played in 150+ games once since 2000 is plan "B". Also, Sweeney is owed $25 million over the next two years while Kotchman will likely make less than $1 million over the same period of time. Now, is Sweeney a better hitter right now? Probably in 2006, Sweeney will out-hit Kotchman. But, in 2007, it is a toss-up offensively. If we add defense to the equation it is likely that Kotchman is a better player right now than Mike Sweeney for 1/25 the cost.

Why, then is Stoneman considering this move? Well, it was a deal that was in place on July 31st according to one report found HERE and apparently Kotchman's impressive 2nd half of 302/369/526 didn't convince the braintrust that he is worthy of a starting gig. If that isn't good to dethrone Erstad - a HORRIBLE offensive player - from first base then this organization is in trouble. Similarly, if that output makes you tradebait - this organization is doomed.

If this trade happens, I predict that other GM's will be lining up to inquire about Kendry Morales, Howie Kendrick, Brandon Wood, Erick Aybar, Jered Weaver and other top prospects in the best farm system in the country. Why do the Halos build a farm system, get prospects to the cusp of big league stardom to contemplate trading them away? Why does this organization think that spending $25 million on a player that is superfluous is a good idea?

Anyway, I have to go give a final exam right now, but I couldn't contain my anger any longer and had to vent a bit about the wayward ideas emanating from LAofA these days. Let's hope Stoneman isn't this stupid...


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