Kudos to Stoneman for one thing...

Inking Kelvim Escobar to a below-market value contract extension on May 31. I hadn't thought about this lately, but Stoneman signed Kelvim to a 3-year, $28.5 million deal on May 31. That deal looks like a genius move in retrospect with Gil Meche reportedly having received an offer from St. Louis that was worth $36 million over 4 years.

If Kelvim was on the open market right now and that was the going rate for a Gil Meche, I expect that he'd command upwards of 4 years and something approaching $50 million.

Anyway, with my utter disdain for Bill Stoneman at an all-time high after the signing of Gary Matthews Jr., I figured I should remind everyone of a smart thing he did in the recent past.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great point. But Don't give Bill Stoned-Man too much credit. The Angels have what, 6 starting pitchers, a closer and 2 guys that could potentially be closers elsewhere? I don't get. By the way, did you read Buster Olney's ESPN.com article today? Looks like the Dodgers have the edge on a deal for Manny.

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