Brothers will be Brothers...

Well, it didn't take Jered Weaver to do his best impersonation of his big brother Jeff. Apparently, he was cited for public drunkeness in Long Beach on February 9th.

Here is the story in the LA Times.

World Baseball Classic News

This story in the Times talks about the circumstances surrounding three important cogs in the Halos rotation and their status regarding the WBC.

Colon seems in at all cost - even though he has yet to throw a legit fastball, Escobar is in, but only if he will be used as a starter and Santana was concerned that Scioscia and Black were trying to get him to bow out of the tournament, which is not allowed. Apparently Santana was informed about the importance of this spring training for him and he took that to mean that he should be wary of committing to the Dominican for the WBC. Anyway, interesting read.


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