Music to my ears...

Sort of...

The LA Times mentioned that Mike Scioscia plans to only carry two catchers this year.

Jeff Mathis and Jose Molina.

Good news for all of us that lamented the roster spot taken up by Josh Paul over the last two years.

HERE is a link to the article that also says:

-- F-Rod is having visa problems and won't be in camp until Thursday at the earliest.

-- Dallas McPherson is fighting for at-bats and taking grounders at 1st base as a way to increase his versatility.

If Scioscia doesn't get D-Mac 350 AB's this year he has failed. Here's to hoping that Erstad blows out his hammy BIG TIME in March and we can go into April with Figgy in CF and D-Mac at 3rd base. That is the best offensive line-up the Angels can muster and with an improved A's team the Angels will need all the runs they can get.


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