I decided to look at the Halo stats last night for shits and giggles when I stumbled upon what I thought must be a typo...

Kotchman has 18 walks this year.  Eighteen!

That is GA-erific.  That is Howie-esque!  Kotchman isn't emulating the patient, double-ish Mark Grace like we thought, but channeling much lesser first baseman...like J.T. Snow.

I hadn't noticed that his walk rate dropped so much between 2007 and 2008.  Last year he walked in 10.7% of his PA's.  This year it is down to an enimic 4.7% of his PA's.  His OBP is only .330.  That is horrible compared to the .372 he put up last year.  He has lost .72 points of OPS this year.  That is a serious regression.

I am worried about him - big time.  Never thought I'd say that, and I am more than a little worried that the teams hack-first-ask-questions-later approach is impacting the first legit OBP guy the system has produced since...

wait for it...

and before that...

Can Kendry be in Baltimore by 4 PM today?

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