Extend the contract of Vlad Guerrero?

So, this winter Angels GM Tony Reagins will be trying to extend or resign Vlad Guerrero, Mark Teixeira, Frankie Rodriguez, Juan Rivera (hopefully), Garret Anderson (hopefully not) and maybe John Lackey.

Here is my take on Vlad...

I'll do similar write ups on all of them this week..

Vlad Guerrero

Should they let him walk if he continues to fall off the cliff that got him this year? Methinks his decline is real – and it is fabulous.

His SLG has dropped for four straight years. From .598 in 2004 to .478 so far this year. He has seen his OBP go from a great .403 to a mediocre .346.

I am all for picking up the option next year. But, if those numbers continue to track downward next year you can’t resign him. Not for $20 million per, or whatever he might want to get. That would be a travesty.

How much do you pay for a guy putting up .350/.475 in RF? Those are Kotchman numbers and we as much as we loved Kotchman no one thought he was a $20 million player. And that is before Vlad and his awful RF defense.

It all depends on how steep this decline is. Another year will give Arte and Tony a good idea about how Vlad is aging. I would wait until the end of next year before I thought about an extension.

We’ll see in November.

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