Kotchman & Marek traded for Teixeira

So, you have certainly seen the news by now that 1st baseman Casey Kotchman and AA RHRP Stephen Marek were traded to the Atlanta Braves for switch-hitting 1st baseman Mark Teixeira.

This deal, without question, makes the Halos better in 2008. But, looking forward, there are questions to deal with.

Teixeira is represented by Scott Boras and has stated publicly in the past that he wants to play on the east coast. He is a 28-year old thumper of a hitter with a good, good glove at 1st base. He has a career OPS of .909. He draws walks and hits for power. Something the Halos need a lot of - as does every other team in MLB with hopes of competing year in and year out.

Contract negotiations with Teix will begin - at least - with a 5-year deal for $90 million bucks. But, it is rumored that he wants at least $20 million per year.

There is no question that Teix is a better - much better - player than Kotchman. The question is this: is he worth $20 million more than Kotchman? That is what he will cost next year. $20 million more than Kotch. If they can sign Teixeira at all.

If Teixeira walks at the end of the year, the Halos are looking to enter 2009 with Kendry Morales as the starting 1st baseman. He is Kotchman-lite. He doesn't have the high OBP history of Kotchman and he is a butcher with the glove compared to Casey.

Anyway, simply put. In 2008, the Halos are better with Teixeira. In 2009, if Teixeira signs elsewhere, the Halos will have the pleasure of watching Kotchman enter his prime in the NL while they watch Kendry Morales try to figure out how to be a major-leaguer on a team that will expect to compete.

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