Dallas McPherson: What Could Have Been?

So, my intermittent blogging makes it hard to keep up with ancillary stories with regards to the Halos. But, one story just needs some attention and it won't take many words to convey this tale to you - my three readers...

Dallas McPherson was at one time a prized prospect in the Angels system. A tall, powerful, left-handed hitting 3rd baseman that was so highly thought of that the Halos felt that resigning Troy Glaus - World Series MVP Troy Glaus - was not a priority. McPherson hit 43 homeruns in 2004 between AA, AAA and the Majors. He posted a .384/.670 line and seemed destined to take over at 3rd base in Anaheim and at least turn into a .340/.460 type player with the chance to become a .380/.520 type player. I was sold. In his call-ups he obviously had holes in his swing and K'd a lot, but I still saw a ton of potential. I figured he'd develop just fine, strike out a lot and provide a ton of offense with passable defense.

Unfortunately, in 2005 he injured his hip and missed half the season. In 2006 he returned and in July that previous hip injury led to a back injury which caused him to miss the rest of the season. As spring 2007 approached, D-Mac was primed to make another shot at the 3rd base job, but a recurrence of his chronic hip/back problems required him to undergo surgery. That surgery caused him to miss the entire 2007 season. He rehabbed like crazy with hopes of returning in late August or September, but to no avail. Then, in December 2007, finally healthy and ready to take one last shot at a job in Anaheim, the Halos unceremoniously released D-Mac making him a free agent.

The Florida Marlins signed him, assigned him to AAA (Jorge Cantu is playing 3rd in Miami) and let him work his way back into playing shape. In August, 2008 his stats are stunning: .413 OBP, .695 SLG with 39 homeruns and an OPS of 1.108. He is mashing.

I still think the Halos should have kept him and let him battle for the job at 3rd base here in 2008. I just don't understand why the team would cut bait after he had surgery and rehabbed to a point where he could play again. That is an investment that the Halos can't get back – why not see if your money was well spent?

Now we know it was – he could be helping this team. Couldn’t he be taking Quinlan’s roster spot? Backup 3B and 1B with major pop?

Just saying...

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