2006 Season is Here...

Well, after a strange off season the 2006 season is here.

Here are the things I like about the Halos right now:

1) Casey Kotchman seems to be entrenched as the 1st baseman, even against leftys.

2) Jeff Mathis and Jose Molina are the only two catchers on the roster.

3) Tim Salmon made the team - rightfully so - it seems. If he just has an OBP of .350 and a SLG of .425 he is worth the roster spot.

Here are the things that I don't like about the Halos right now:

1) Dallas McPherson is in AAA and Darin Erstad and Garret Anderson are playing instead.

2) Orlando Cabrera is still hitting 2nd in the order while Adam Kennedy - he who can actually get on base pretty well - is hitting 9th.

3) Chone Figgins is playing 3rd base. He is more valuable as a Super-Utility guy - roving around covering injuries and giving days off.

These are small things, but nonetheless in a division separated by maybe 2 or 3 games these could be big decisions.

Mea Culpa...

Well, my last protracted absense has come to a close and all that had to happen to get me blogging is for the season to start...

I honestly don't know if I have this in me, I mean - I enjoy reading the blogs of other folks (6-4-2 and Halos Heaven primarily) more than I enjoy putting down my thoughts because, frankly, I know what I think. But, you guys don't all know what I think - so I'll try to be better about writing.