Trot Nixon and other stuff

So, your starting LF'er goes down with a broken leg that might sideline him for 8 months and you don't attempt to sign Trot Nixon? Seriously?

Anyway, what would Stoney want with a guy with a career OBP of .366?

Instead, we get Shea Hillenbrand. Yeah.

Also from the recent past:

Dallas McPherson could be done for the year. Bummer, I really like D-Mac, probably more than I should, but he can friggin' square-up a baseball. When he hits a ball hard, he does damage. Hope the surgery goes well and he can get a normal life back.

Casey Kotchman seems to be doing better. (Same article)

Kendry Morales' knee is a little funky from a collision while playing winter league ball in the Dominican Republic. (Same article)